chronic pain/medicare (cpc)

Age-related musculoskeletal conditions are extremely common, especially in the:

  • Hip
  • Neck and lower back (Cervical and Lumbar spine)
  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • A very common degenerative articular cartilage condition that can occur in any joint of the body is osteoarthritis (OA). At this stage, in line with the most up-to-date research exercise still remains the best symptomatic treatment for maintenance and pain reduction for patients suffering with OA.

    A thorough assessment with a therapist and initial treatment sessions will lead to a comprehensive independent plan being provided that with scheduled follow ups will aim to improve strength, function and overall better quality of life.


    The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) initiative was devised by the government to make allied health services such as physiotherapy more accessible to people suffering from chronic or long-standing musculoskeletal conditions. After consultation with your general practitioner (GP), 5 Medicare bulk billed sessions per year can be provided. This can be a good way to have your condition assessed and treated before a decision is made on whether continuation of treatment is necessary. At Pro Performance Physiotherapy we not only accept these referrals, but also will consult directly with your GP as needed to provide the most comprehensive care.