Performance Testing

Optimising Your Potential Through Advanced Assessments

At Pro Performance Physiotherapy in Dulwich Hill, we use advanced performance testing to assess and improve your physical abilities. Our methods, including force plates and dynamometers, give accurate measurements and insights into your body’s strength and movement.

Force Plate Analysis: With state-of-the-art force plate technology, we analyse ground reaction forces to assess your movement patterns, balance, and distribution of forces during activities. This data helps identify asymmetries, weaknesses, or inefficiencies, guiding personalised interventions for improved performance and injury prevention.

Dynamometer Assessments: Our use of dynamometers enables accurate measurement of muscle strength and function. This tool assesses muscle power, endurance, and imbalances, aiding in the development of targeted exercise programs and rehabilitation plans tailored to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Performance Evaluation: Through a combination of force plate and dynamometer assessments, we offer a holistic evaluation of your physical capabilities. This evaluation serves as a foundation for designing customized training protocols, optimising athletic performance, and facilitating efficient rehabilitation strategies.

Personalised Interventions: Based on the insights gathered from these advanced assessments, our team of experienced physiotherapists crafts personalised interventions. These interventions aim to address weaknesses, enhance strengths, and optimise your overall performance in sports, daily activities, or recovery from injury.

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