work cover/mva

Workers Compensation is a scheme devised by the government to ensure you have access to the best available treatment if an injury occurs in the workplace.

All our physiotherapists have undergone WorkCover training courses and are accredited to treat patients under this scheme. They have well developed skills used to:

  • assess and determine challenging work environments
  • help identify specific work capacities and to
  • provide graduated functional retraining programs to get you back to work and full function as soon as possible.
  • Workplace injuries include a vast array of conditions due to the very different work environments that we are all exposed to. From office related postural pain and headaches to post-operative rehab and fractures sustained from physical labour our therapists are experienced to diagnose and treat it all.

    On-site physiotherapy services are also provided. Our physios are trained in site and task analysis which can then be translated into workplace modification recommendation and specific exercise program development to attempt to better condition employees for the conditions that they face at work. Other options that can be made available are on site treatment and health presentations to promote a healthier overall work environment.

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