Adolescence is a pivotal stage of life, marked by rapid growth and development. It’s also a time when many young teenagers actively engage in sports and physical activities. However, while sports can offer numerous benefits, they also come with the risk of injuries, which is where Pro Performance Physio in Sydney comes into the picture.

Adolescent physiotherapy might not be your first thought when your kids start playing sports, but it’s a proven way to prevent, manage, and recover from injuries. Let’s look at the most common sports injuries affecting teens and how a specialised physio for teen injuries can help prevent and manage them – getting your kids back in the game safely.

Common Injuries Treated in Adolescent Physiotherapy Clinics

Adolescent physiotherapy tends to focus on the most common teen sports injuries, which include sprains, strains, ligament injuries, growth plate injuries, overuse injuries like tendonitis and stress fractures, and concussions or head injuries.
Factors Contributing to Teen Sports Injuries
Four key factors contribute to teen sports injuries:

    1. Growth Spurts and Skeletal Development.
    2. Intensive Training and Increased Sports Participation.
    3. Lack of Proper Warm-up, Conditioning, or Technique.
    4. Mental Stress and Burnout.

Preventive Strategies by Pro Performance Physio in Sydney

Pro Performance Physio in Sydney specialises in physio for adolescents and offers proactive measures to prevent the common causes of sports injuries from occurring. These measures include:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Season Assessments.
  • Customised Injury Prevention Programs.
  • Education on Proper Biomechanics.
  • Emphasising Rest and Recovery.
  • Integrating Neuromuscular Training.

Managing Adolescent Sports Injuries

When teenagers are injured, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure a safe and speedy recovery and a quick return to playing sports. Our approach includes:

  • Immediate Injury Management Techniques.
  • Further Pain Management and Rehabilitation.
  • Collaboration with Medical Professionals.
  • Gradual Return-to-Sport Plans.


Getting Kids Back in The Game With Pro Performance Physio in Sydney

Pro Performance Physio in Sydney is your trusted partner in adolescent physiotherapy. We specialise in helping teens stay injury-free and recover safely. Contact the Pro Performance Team or make an online booking today. Let’s keep your kids in the game!